Virtual Spectroscopy Focus Day

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Join us for half a day with the focus on Spectroscopy data

What are the benefits of embedding Data Analytics?

Learn what´s new in SIMCA®/ SIMCA®-Q in our spectroscopy roadmap session. Get introduced to current Sartorius Projects, or listen to partners like 908 Devices, Polytec, and Indatech and learn more about their journey and experience. Since we won´t be able to meet in person soon, please be invited to meet us virtually, discuss with us and share your thoughts with us.

The Spectroscopy focus day will take place on October 12th from 2 PM - 6 PM (CET)

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Free Event

Sign up now to listen to 908 Devices, Polytec, and Indatech that will present how they have embedded data analytics to get more value from spectroscopy data.

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Why should you attend?

  • Get real-life insights into using different types of spectroscopy in combination with multivariate technology
  • Learn from customer use-cases
  • Understand the value of adding spectroscopy for Process Understanding and Process Intensification
  • Get an insight into how Sartorius customers within the Bioprocess Industry benefit from different types of spectroscopy
  • Discuss with industry-leading experts about spectroscopy and data analytics within the Life-Science industry

Who should attend?

  • Customers with an interest in using spectroscopy as a soft sensor.
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about spectroscopy and how this can be enhanced with multivariate data analysis.
  • End-customers and potential customers interested in using the enhanced functionality of SIMCA models within our Partners spectroscopy applications and instruments.
  • Customers or Partners using or planning to embed SIMCA-Q to enhance functionality in instruments or software applications.

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Agenda: Spectroscopy Focus Day: 12. October 2021

2:00-2:10 PM Welcome, Introduction and Agenda – Nicole Skoog, Account Manager OEM
2:10-2:40 PM What´s new in SIMCA®/ SIMCA®-Q - Our Spectroscopy Roadmap – Johan Hultman, Manager OEM & Embedded Solutions
2:40-3:00 PM Building your MVDA Spectroscopy App – Martin Berntsson, Founder Sundets Data Science
3:00-3:10 PM Break
3:10-3:40 PM 908 Devices Technology and Customer Case – Kerin Gregory, Ph.D., REBEL Product Manager
3:40-3:50 PM Break
3:50-4:20 PM Polytec Technology and Use Case – Dr. Linas Urbonas, Business Development Manager
4:20-4:30 PM Break
4:30-5:00 PM INDATECH Technology and Use Case – Dr. Fabien Chauchard, Technical & Sales Director
5:00-5:10 PM Break
5:10-5:50 PM Sartorius SIMCA Modelbuilding Tips and Tricks – Sartorius Data Analytics Development Team
5:50-6:00 PM Closing remarks - Johan Hultman, Manager OEM & Embedded Solutions
6:00 PM End of day


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Dr. Linas Urbonas, Polytec

Linas is a Business Development Manager at Polytec (Germany), dealing with NIR Spectrometer Systems for industrial quality control applications. Working in this field for more than 10 years, he is successfully targeting new industries and applications, covering marketing and key account management activities, sales and relationship expansion for prospective customers and OEM partners worldwide. In previous roles he worked within Sales and Business Development as well as Engineering for companies like inno-spec and Ekspla. Based on this background, he has a profound expertise within the field of PAT, Online Process Control, Analytical Instrumentation, Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, Chemical Imaging, Multivariate Data Analysis, a. o. Linas holds a Ph.D in Laser Physics and Spectroscopy from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich.

Dr. Fabien Chauchard, INDATECH

Dr. Fabien Chauchard did his PhD at Irstea research center (France) and in collaboration with the Lund Laser Center (Sweden) for the development of new NIR spectroscopic concept for measuring pharmaceutical & biological products. He then worked as Head of R&D as a chemometrician for Ondalys from 2006 to 2009. Together with S. Roussel he found INDATECH company in order to propose innovative spectroscopic solutions for process control (PAT) in Biotechnology and Pharmacy. As technical and sales director, He manages several online sensor development projects for large pharma and machine suppliers accounts. Through several European research projects, he continues to keep close relation with US and European research centers to bring innovation on the market.

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Johan Hultman, Sartorius Data Analytics

Johan joined Sartorius Data Analytics (former Umetrics) already in 1999 and has held several important positions within the organization, Global Key Account Manager, Sales Manager & Business Development Manager during his 20+ years within the Advanced Data Analytics segment. With numerous Digital Transformation projects ongoing and successfully delivered, his combination of technical knowledge and solution selling skills – he is now leading and mentoring a Sartorius Team with responsibilities for OEM Applications and Embedded Solutions

Kerin Gregory, PhD, REBEL Product Manager, 908 Devices

Kerin joined 908 Devices Inc. in 2013 working with the R&D team to bring to life the MX908, a targeted threat detection tool leveraging the power of high pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) in a handheld platform. She managed the initial development program sponsored by the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). Her efforts focused on trace explosives detection for field deployed military and government applications. With a passion for bringing analytical devices to the point-of-need to accelerate critical processes, she is currently the REBEL product manager in the life sciences division. Kerin earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Tufts University and worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the Advanced Technology Division.

Kerin Gregory

Martin Berntsson, Founder Sundets Data Science

Martin is a chemist by education with a life-long passion for applying multivariate techniques on a variety of data types and sources, where spectroscopic data is common.
He started his professional carrier in the chemical industry active in the fields of analytical chemistry and online applications. The focus was and is on DoE and multivariate data analysis and at that time the overall understanding of the need and the vision for wider use of data was limited.
For the last couple of years, he has been active in the consulting business, prior to that he was a dynamic force at both E.ON, and Umetrics. 
He is now working as an independent contractor building specific software solutions to solve problems and a lot of them involve the use of SIMCA® Q in an open source environment.