Unlocking the Value of Data at CDMOs 


What Does It Take to Be a Modern CDMO?

In order to keep up with the increasing reliance from the industry and to stand out from the growing competition, the modern CDMO must leverage their must important asset: data.

Leveraging data at a CDMO will provide for:

  • Quality and Regulatory Assurance, through enhanced process understanding and control
  • Increased Partner Trust, through increased external collaboration and process transparency
  • Maximized Revenue, through COGs optimization and accelerated delivery times

How can CDMOs unlock the value of data?

Data is the new oil. However, just like oil, data needs to be refined and properly put to work. Sartorius Data Analytics is the leading provider of advanced data analytics solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry. Our data refinement offerings include MODDE®, for design of experiments, SIMCA® for multivariate data analysis, and SIMCA®-online for real-time process monitoring.

How quickly will your investment in data analytics pay for itself?


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Find Out How To Unlock The Value of Your Data

Achieving profitability, growth and staying ahead of competitors means leveraging one of your most important assets: data. As the CDMO market consolidates and becomes more competitive, those who tap into the real value of data can use it to gain recognition as strategic differentiators, provide market leadership, and ultimately become more profitable.

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You will learn:


How to leverage your data  to secure long-time strategic partnerships


How data can be used to maximize profitability


How data can be used to speed up timelines and accelerate delivery

Upcoming Webinars:

OSIsoft and Sartorius Partner to Help CDMOs Leverage their Data

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Date: November 24, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CET

Achieving profitability, growth and staying ahead of competitors means accessing and leveraging one of your most important assets: data.  Therefore, CDMOs should place a greater importance on deploying efficient data management systems and data analytics tools. In this presentation, Sartorius Data Analytics together with OSIsoft will present on how CDMOs can efficiently implement such systems to provide transparency, preserve customer confidentiality, and meet regulatory guidelines.  The presentation will showcase a success story from FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies. At this CDMO, pairing the OSIsoft PI system with advanced data analytics tools from Sartorius enabled a tenfold optimization in resource expenditure, reduced paper footprint by ~10,000 sheets/year, and increased partner trust and collaboration opportunities.Register Now

Recorded webinar:

How Data Analytics can Boost the Bottom Line at a CDMO

With new technologies come new business opportunities. In this webinar Sartorius will present how to data analytics can be used to maximize productivity and profitability at a contract (bio)pharma organization. On top of the more commonly known benefits, like reducing batch variability, data analytics also provides a unique upsell opportunity for CDMOs. By innovating their service offerings, CDMOs can address some of the major challenges their partners face when deciding to outsource their operations, like loss of control or quality management. In this webinar, we will propose a scenario in which a CDMO can double its’ return of investment in just one year! At the end of the day, CDMO’s who choose to innovate their offerings can secure higher value contracts, grow their sales pipelines, and attract long-term strategic partners.

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Customer Case Story


Faster and More Reliable Operations: A FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies’ Case Story

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