CHOptimizer®: The Media Builder

A Unique Rapid Approach for Media and Feed Optimization in ambr®15 Bioreactors

choptimizer poster

Biopharmaceutical companies today are challenged to develop high producing cell lines as quickly as possible. A Design of Experiments (DOE) approach to media optimization for CHO-based processes can speed things up. This poster shows how it’s done using MODDE DOE data analytics software.

This poster describes in details the optimization of a CHO DG44 cell line producing an IgG1 antibody using the Sartorius-Stedim Biotech CHOptimizer® service.

It included:

  • a series of experiments designed to optimize a fed-batch process using prequalified blends of well-characterized, Chemically Defined (CD), and Animal Origin Free (AOF) media
  • the performance of Lonza cell culture media with the power of the ambr® 15 workstation
  • a high throughput Design of Experiments (DOE) analysis

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