MVDA Exercise: Sailing Data in Action

Explore multivariate modeling of data sampled during the “Tjörn Runt” sailing competition  

Optimizing Sailing Results with MVDA Selden Mast ExampleDownload the modeling of data sampled during the “Tjörn runt” sailing competition using data from 20 different parameters provided by Seldén Mast – such as wind speed, wind direction, velocity, drift, and heel angle – to determine how to optimize the material stress during the race. 

The aim of the original work was to investigate the amount of stress seen under typical conditions experienced while sailing in a race. This exercise aims to show the subjective, more descriptive sides of PCA and OPLS, in combination to a number of useful plotting features.

It provides answers to four tasks:

  • Import, familiarization and PCA
  • Coloring and plotting features supports identification
  • Autocorrelation – How does environment changes along the route?
  • How to identify important events – Speed and stress?

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